Use Specification

Aluminum plate is easy to process, into the assembly of good material, but also for the pursuit of efficiency, quality products for the time, it can shorten the construction period and reduce costs.General sheet metal or wood factory equipment factory that is able to easily complete their processing and assembly work, aluminum panels can be:
1、Cutting, Clipping, Slotted, vertical data, keyhole, countersink.
2、Cold Bend、Cold Roll、Cold Fold.
3、Riveting, screw combination, welding, crimp or glue bonding method.
4、Painting, screen printing, sign boards and advertising signs posts word board.

Geopolitical level constructing method General fixation
Window edge constructing method Column constructing method

Skeleton constructing method Concrete wall constructing method

Hang suspended constructing method Curved edge of the window constructing method

Common constructing method Framework constructing method

Prism constructing method  

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