Maintaince And Cleaning

Storage Instructions
Alumetal aluminum composite advertising panel should be stored in dry and clean condition. Keep the advertising panel from moisture when it's in storage. Put polyester layer or similar materials between the panels to prevent them from mutual abrasion. All the panels should be put horizontally while upright positioning is prohibited. When side laid, the panel should be perpendicular to the plane and compact to each other.

Protective Film
The protective films on two sides of the aluminum composite panel are of a protective measure in processing, installation and transportation. The protective films should be kept during installation and not be removed until the panel has been installed and fixed up.
The mounting of panels with coatings, especially coatings in metallic color should be in accordance with the light, which means the uniformity of the arrow directions on the protective film should be ensured to prevent the visual chromatic aberration that might be caused by light reflection.
Processing of alumetal aluminum composite panel
Special grooving machine or manual grooving machine can be applied in the grooving of aluminum composite panels.0.3-0.5mm thick cored should be kept with the aluminum composite advertising panel after grooving to protect the aluminum composite panel from oxidation and scratch as well as to enhance the strength and toughness of the panel.
Please keep the grooving blade sharp to prevent shrinkage of the molecular film and the adhesives caused by melting of the blade which may affect the peeling strength.
Use bending machine to bend the aluminum composite panel carefully and slowing instead of abruptly
Be sure to be carefully in processing the aluminum composite panel. Lengthy panels should be processed by a group of operative staff. Dragging is prohibited when the panel is taken from storage and be sure to lift the panel completely from other panels.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to the aluminum composite advertising panel installed.
Neutral detergent and medicinal alcohol may be applied in the cleaning of aluminum composite advertising panel with a moderate scrubbing pressure on the surface instead of alkaline, acidic or abrasive cleaning products which can damage the polyester layer of aluminum composite panel.
Use clear water to wash the aluminum composite advertising panel after cleaning, and dry absorbent cloth or leather to clear up the residual moisture.

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