Brief introductionl

 Aluminum Composite panel is a new material after a series of processing. Aluminum sheet is used as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer. Polyethylene is its core layer.
Aluminum plastic panel was produced by AIUSINGEN in Germany firstly. And then improved through the FORKEN in Holland and ALOCA in America. After the 1900s, the quality was steady and reached higher level. Since aluminum composite panel is composed by two different materials(metal and nonmetal), it keeps the main characteristics of the original materials(metal aluminum, the nonmetal polyethylene plastic). On the other hand, it can overcome the deficiency of the original materials and get numerous excellent performances, such as: luxurious, colorful decorating, anticorrosion, ant hitting, fire prevention, damp proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, astigmatic, light, apt to process, easy to install and carry. It has contribute to shorten the construct period and bring this material to a wide application prospect in not far future.

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